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Business or Division Manager - Job description

Logistics service providers and forwarding agents have different types of organization.
The main one is by activity or division, as opposed to by geographical perimeter, the latter being in fact multi-activity.
The Activity Manager offers specialized services and solutions in transport, customs, international trade and/or physical or administrative logistics, the latter also referred to as "Supply Chain".
Activities are most often presented under the following headings:

  • Courier and Express,
  • Batch transport,
  • Contract logistics (warehousing and value-added services),
  • Industrial logistics,
  • Commission and International Transit (air and sea), Coordination/Supply Chain (for purchasing and subcontracting, administrative coordination and management of flows and operations).

The Business Manager is responsible for the development and management of one or more profit centers, on a national or international multi-site basis, using his or her own resources or drawing on the support functions of his or her company or group (such as HR, Accounting/Finance, IT, Real Estate, General Services, etc.). He/she is in close contact with the Group Marketing Department and the Key Accounts Sales Department (insofar as these may require solutions calling on several of the company's activities).
He/she is responsible for his/her budget, financial management and economic and qualitative results.
He/she implements the company's strategy and presides over the development of efficient and profitable products and services.
He/she is responsible for the execution of services, and for their contractual and regulatory compliance with customer contracts and legal obligations. To this end, he/she implements control and quality audit procedures for the organization and processes, and monitors their application in compliance with safety and security policies, and even environmental policies (depending on the size of the service provider). He/she pilots the various certification systems (ISO, QSE, AEO, etc.)
He/she supervises the start-up of operations, and the installation and parameterization of IT systems and business management tools.
He/she manages the various geographical areas where his/her activity is offered, as well as the Directors and Managers of the various sites. He is responsible for the various reference systems for the businesses covered by his activity (design offices, IT tools, subcontracting and temporary staffing). He/she makes decisions in terms of hiring and qualifications.

He/she defines the performance indicators adapted to the existing organization in line with the objectives to be achieved, with a constant concern for continuous improvement.
He/she optimizes the profitability of the sites he/she manages as profit centers.
He/she is in charge of change management in the event of changes to the service offering or repositioning of the activity or scope of intervention.

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