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Labs and Communities: places for sharing, action and mutual support

The FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN BY Aslog community is committed to strengthening the impact of the Supply Chain on business competitiveness, and making it a lever for a more sustainable world. Its network of 4,900 members, professionals from all business sectors, academics and students, pool ideas and experience to provide Supply Chain players with concrete solutions.

Theworkshops we run are great places for dialogue and progress. Creativity and the sharing of experience help to guide, inspire and advance each individual.

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LABS and projects

The association relies on its working groups, made up of passionate members who are experts in their field, to provide its members with a wide range of products. Each of the labs has set itself the goal of imagining and proposing guides, solutions and tools to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Each of our think tanks has its own specificity, area of expertise and objectives. All our projects are based on 5 shared core values, which you can find out more about in the France Supply Chain association presentation.

Chairman Yann de Feraudy highlights the strengths of Labs France Supply Chain.

A digital supply chain and much more


Topics covered include cybersecurity, blockchain, digital transformation, process automation, AI, data exchange, traceability, robotization and more.

They collaborate with our schools to train for the professions of the future, work on the attractiveness of the Supply Chain sector, study the means to adapt to new needs and expectations, without ever neglecting the evolution and well-being of the teams.
With this group, we wish to generalize the mutation of all organizations, by giving you the keys to audit and potentiate your Supply Chain. But also by supporting you on your peers thanks to a personalized follow-up.
The new generation is calling for a more sustainable world. But is that enough to make them choose the Supply Chain path? Here, our young students are working to convince their peers and those to come.
Supplychain4Good Lab
Sustainable goods mobility, decarbonization of transport, port ecosystem, packaging, last mile logistics, but also European taxonomy and energy transition are on the agenda.
This multi-party project aims to develop a CSR urban logistics model. That is, to reduce the environmental footprint of the distribution chain while designing efficient flows and operations.

The supply chain has changed dramatically and is no longer just about cost control. Our model is constantly evolving and contributes not only to the local development of companies, but also to their rapid expansion around the world.

Through the international chapters, other members are getting involved in the supply chain.

The power of communities

This new concept differs from Labs in its approach and purpose. Communities are informal groups whose sole purpose is tohelp each other and share experiences and situations. They are privileged spaces for exchange between professionals from all sectors of activity.

Women in Supply Chain
Warehouse experts
Industry experts
Customs experts
Industry experts
Supply Chain Risk Management
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Packaging and wrapping
Social issues
BEV trucks
Social issues

Focus on Women in Supply Chain, a community of over 200 members led by Marie-Laure Furgala, Director of ISLI KEDGE ISLI

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