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VoluntaryCommitment for EfficientUrban Logistics

The EVOLUE team takes the stage to explain how they will model, imagine and build the city of tomorrow. They also give a progress report on the project.

Urban distribution represents a major challenge for both public authorities and economic players. There is an urgent need to structure participatory approaches that associate these two stakeholders in order to develop efficient models, both in terms of operations and environmental footprint, and in terms of economic reality.

This project, built in cooperation with the Institut du Commerce and the Club Démeter, is based on 4 levers:

and optimization

Supply chain organization

Operational and human resources

Delivery areas and infrastructure

Launched during the 2019 International Supply Chain Meetings, this project aims to create a tool to model the flow of goods, and then organise urban logistics efficiently.

The data and optimisation group is made up of École des Mines and PTV
The project group is supported by SprintProject, an open innovation cell dedicated to Supply Chain
Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO) is the experimental area of the EVOLUE project.

Discover the replay of the EVOLUE project launch conference, during which the speakers invite you to join a large-scale movement in which the city becomes the priority issue for our Supply Chains



of the AMI "Fret et Logistique 2020" of the Île-de-France region



ASLOG, Club Déméter and the Institute of Commerce create E.VO.L.U.E.
The three activist organisations want to work together on a common ...
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