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Why did ASLOG become France Supply Chain by Aslog?

We are an association under the law of 1901 and as such we are neutral, independent and non-profit. Since our creation in 1972, our primary mission remains unchanged: "to develop and promote the logistics function (today largely extended to the Supply Chain) in the economy, and in a general way to favour the improvement and the diffusion of this technique".

ASLOG Association of Corporate Logisticians

Creation of theASLOG
The EU grows to 9 member states

The term Supply Chain appears


First higher education in logistics at ISLI Bordeaux

1st definition of the term sustainable development
Internet comes to Europe
Kyoto Protocol
Creation of the euro zone
High speed internet
Birth of the blockchain
The EU has 28 member states
Change of name to integrate the term Supply Chain
Warmest year in history
The UK leaves the EU
Name change for FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN by Aslog

TheAssociation des logisticiens d'entreprise was created at a time when the European Community still only had 6 countries, the French retail industry had 124 hypermarkets and the globalization of trade was in its infancy. The logistics industry was limited to 3 professions: Supply, Warehousing and Transport. Despite this, its members believe in the growth potential of these activities for companies.

Over the years, the functions have evolved, driven by the development of European and international flows, the explosion of retail and especially the spread of information technology. The term Supply Chain appeared for the first time in an article in the Financial Times in 1982. For the members of ASLOG, it is essential that the country trains high level students to all the new techniques, tools and jobs that will constitute the future of logistics. In 1984, the first higher education in logistics in France was launched in Bordeaux at the ISLI, under the impulse of the association.

In 1992,ASLOG renamed itself theFrench Association for Logistics. Through this change of name, its members wish to act so that logistics becomes a major element of the competitiveness of the country.

French Association of Supply Chain and Logistics: the turning point

The principles of the Supply Chain are constantly evolving and spreading throughout the world. The term logistics inherited from the army no longer covers all the technical issues and missions of the Supply Chain nor all the jobs in the sector. This is why in 2014,ASLOG became the French Association of Supply Chain and Logistics.

France Supply Chain by Aslog

In 2020, this observation is even more important and our name does not correspond anymore to what we want to build together with all the actors: the Supply Chain of tomorrow for our companies and for our country. We then modify our statutes for France Supply Chain by Aslog and we set the following priorities:

Raising awareness

the strategic and vital aspect of the Supply Chain: the management committees of companies and public authorities 

Help and support

schools to advance supply chain training and support researchers by bringing companies and research together


implementation through Labs and facilitate the transformation of companies of all sizes and all sectors

Around 5 convictions:


Putting the customer experience (listening, empathy, use) at the heart of operations


Be more resilient, knowing how to anticipate risks and manage crises


To be a vector of value creation for the entire chain (stakeholders and external parties)


Better recruiting, improving attractiveness and new skills in the profession


To have a positive impact on the environment and society

The expertise of our members and the involvement of the association make it the privileged interlocutor of the French institutions and public authorities on all issues related to the sector.

Professionals committed to a vision

"I believe that sustainable supply chains will change the world

Yann de Feraudy, Chairman of the association

Throughout our history, we have been led to question the purpose of our work. From these reflections was born our manifesto, a major document for theassociation that finally formalizes our values and objectives.

The Supply Chain as a vital lever for transformation

Today's world presents us with great challenges: human, operational, security and environmental. The Covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced their evidence. During this difficult period, the men and women of the French Supply Chain have been put to the test more than ever.

Our working groups were particularly solicited and allowed us to make Supply Chain adifferentiation factor and a competitive advantage. We managed to mobilize 70 companies during the July and August 2020 workshops in order to conceive another vision of the Supply Chain.

New tools and works have been created to help our members. And our Supply Chain Audit Training, intended for top management, is more relevant than ever.

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