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Evaluate the performance of your supply chain with the auditors FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN by ASLOG

To have your supply chain audited by professionals authorized by the association, you can count on a level of service that meets the highest standards . This quality of diagnosis is the result of the combination oftools and a unique audit approach. The France Supply Chain accreditationguarantees the proven skills of the auditors.

But is it really necessary for a company like yours to invest in this type of examination?
What are the concrete impacts of such improvements on a Supply Chain?

Delivery performance

+15-30 %


+10-20 %

Inventory reduction

-25-40 %

Logistics costs

-25-40 %

Reliability of forecasts

+25-70 %

Production capacity

+10-20 %

Average gains identified during more than 300 audits conducted by FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN auditors

Have your supply chain audited by industry experts

Who better than supply chain professionals to analyze your processes and interview your managers and operational staff? That's why our auditors all had at least 20 years of experience in the supply chain before they took our training in performance measurement and its implementation method.

Some of them have even participated in the design of the Supply Chain Excellence framework and its updates.


Assured audit quality

Beyond the mastery of the Excellence referential and the France Supply Chain by ASLOG audit approach, the first projects carried out by these experts are controlled by a jury of specialists of the association. Once accredited, our auditors are followed by their peers within the framework of the France Supply Chain Accredited Auditors Charter.

The techniques specific to the Excellence approach and standards require finding the right people within the organization and obtaining evidence to verify the answers. These skills are taught and then developed through the implementation of regular audits.

Identification of improvement levers and potential gains

Taking a clear and precise inventory of a structure opens up proposals forkey areas of progress. The objective of the entire process is to guide you in building a more resilient and efficient organization.

Here are some examples of optimization projects to be deployed by our customers following the audit of their Supply Chain.

Team reactivity
Organization by customer activity on all processes
Process responsiveness
Develop machine versatility
Positioning yourself to meet aftermarket expectations
Define an Aftermarket order preparation organization that integrates the specificities of this market into its operating procedures
Mastery of omnichannel data
Real-time data capture, management and analysis capabilities
Inventory control
Reduction of working capital
Reducing variability
Decompartmentalization and team involvement
Sharing of logistical thoughts Purchasing and Logistics Department (DAL)/outside DAL
Decompartmentalization and team involvement
Pooling of tools (especially computer tools) and skills
Reliability in order management
Implementation of logistics clauses in calls for tenders
Reliability involved
Institutional training of warehouse workers in inventory management

Measure your Supply Chain performance and position yourself

FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN's accredited auditors base their work on the Excellence standard. They complete their analysis thanks to a rich database of multi-sector audits conducted by our team.

A benchmark opportunity

In addition to the evaluation, our tool offers the possibility to compare with equivalent companies and to benchmark the best practices. Indeed, the audits carried out by the entire authorized pool are fed into an anonymized database managed by the association. This information resource offers a sharp and exhaustive analysis.

You wish to join the group of auditors recognized by France Supply Chain?

Audit methods adapted to all types of companies

As an indication, theSupply Chain audit of a company (including 1 site, the management and the key services of the company) takes about 5 days including 2 to 3 days of interviews (General Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Departments, etc., in the field).
The availability of the management and the services concerned is required.
The estimated budget is 5 to 6 K€ HT.

Each consultant sends his offer to the company following the project's framework and the perimeter that the company wishes to audit.

The France Supply Chain auditors pool

Discover the background and profile of our accredited auditors.

Consultant in Digital Transformation and Expert in Business Analysis of Logistic Organizations
Trainer in professional environment and in school
  • 20 years in operational logistics and logistics project management in the automotive, aeronautics and retail sectors
  • Including 5 years as Project Manager and Business Process Analyst for the implementation of SAP, WMS and EDM solutions
  • Since 2010, Supply Chain Management Consultant specialized in Transformation projects
  • Supply Chain performance evaluation trainer , Senior and Junior programs France Supply Chain

To know:

  • Certified 6 Sigma Green Belt, Lean Manager, PRINCE2® and ISTQB
  • Design and turnkey delivery of equipped buildings, integration of new technologies
Laurent CIROU
Expert in Supply Chain and Sustainable Solutions
Trainer in professional environment at European level
  • 20 years of management experience in logistics and production in the automotive sector
  • Supply chain consultant for more than 15 years, expert in supply chain organization and lean management
  • Since 2015, Intervening with SMEs and ETIs within the framework of Bpifrance's Accelerators programs.
  • Supply Chain Performance Assessment Trainer , France Supply Chain Senior Programs
  • Lecturer in Higher SCM Training for the European support program (ELA - European Logistics Association & LOGISMED Tunisia)

To know:

  • Golden OMEGA Award 2009 (awarded by the European Institute of Ecology - IEE)
  • Support for the implementation of sustainable solutions in companies
Expert-Auditor in Logistics & Supply Chain
Trainer in professional environment and in school
  • 35+ years in project management, logistics & IS solutions engineering, operations and general management of industrial and service companies
  • Including 15 years as Logistics Director and General Manager of a 4PL
  • 11 years in Executive Training (AFTRAL) / Management of the Ecole Supérieure des Transports
  • Since 2018, Partner adameo, Pure Player Supply Chain consulting firm

To know:

  • Head of the Auditors' steering committee and member of the Lab ETI / SME of France Supply Chain
  • Host of the Debathlon on and co-author of "Pro en... Supply Chain" - Vuibert 2018
  • Director of France Supply Chain by ASLOG & of the ECBL (European Logistics Association Certification Board)
Accompanying the transformation of organizations - supply chain processes, physical and information flows
Bilingual English trainer in professional environment and in school
  • 20+ years in operations management (supply chain, warehousing, distribution) in B2B and B2C for the 3PL,automotive, high tech, medical and consumer sectors
  • Including 7 years as Supply Chain Director France and Director of Operations, Customer Service and After Sales
  • Since 2016, Founding Partner of Maillons Conseil et Formation en transformation de la Supply Chain
  • Training of young people and professionals in the field of Supply Chain for France Supply Chain, specialized higher education (ISTELI, EST) and business schools

To know:

  • Team manager in multinational groups with a solid experience in change management
  • Can work in English and French
Supply Chain, CSR and Hospital Logistics Expert
Trainer in professional environment and in schools
  • 25+ years in logistics flow management in the retail, department store and health sectors
  • Including 12 years as Hospital Logistics Manager
  • Founder of LOG2D, anaudit, support and training firm in Supply Chain and CSR

To know:

  • Expert in the 6PL Sustainable Logistics Performance CSR Label: support for companies, drafting of the methodological guide to the 6PL V2 CSR label and training of evaluators
  • Logistics expert for the Centre National d'Expertise Hospitalière (CNEH): training and consulting missions
  • Animator of the CSR Fresco and the Climate Fresco
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