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The #SupplyChain4Good community was created on the initiative of Michelin and France Supply Chain by Aslog, as part of the Movin'On ecosystem, in favor of a more sustainable mobility of goods.

#SupplyChain4Good aims to bring together players working for Supply Chains that are simultaneously good for the environment and for the environment. Planet, the Pers and the Performance of companies.

The members of this community are:

  • Loaders" (industrial and commercial companies) 
  • Operators" (carriers, logisticians, shipping companies, ports, etc.)
  • Support functions" (academics, consultants, information systems, regulators, NGOs, etc.)

They cover all economic sectors and all regions of the world. Their work takes place throughout the year and culminates in the annual Movin'On Summit, the world summit on sustainable mobility.



The community #SupplyChain4Good community is resolutely towards actionand a 12/18 month horizon.

  • Learn from proven best practices in Supply Chain 4 Good (the 3 Ps)
  • Experiment to demonstrate results that have a positive impact on one or more P, without this being to the detriment of the other P. 
  • Collaborate, exchange and convince to increase impact 


First, by sharing what's already been launched as part of #SupplyChain4Good. Then, by deciding together on new priority work themes.

Then, for each of these themes : 

  • Sharing best practices 
  • The definition of relevant actions and experiments 
  • Communication actions for a potential scale-up

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