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Train young people in a true end-to-end supply chain performance


With our Supply Chain Junior course dedicated to performance evaluation, we wish to offer our expertise to post-baccalaureate students and schools of Supply Chain Management (SCM) . Since 1997, we have been training professionals in Supply Chain performance evaluation. This curriculum is based on the mastery of the France Supply Chain Excellence reference system, an analysis tool designed by professionals experts in the sector, as well as on the learning of an efficient audit approach.

A Supply Chain audit training accessible to students


In 2020, we have adapted and tested our senior training with students in Masters, MBA and Programme Grandes Écoles (PGE) in Supply Chain Management or Supply Chain. We now provide a 5-day junior program directly in higher education schools. Our objective is to prepare young people for the needs of the market and to equip them with the operational skills fundamental to the performance of the Supply Chain.

A real differentiating factor among generalist and sectoral training courses

The program is based on theoretical and practical modules. To obtain the Junior Auditor's certificate of competence, students must implement the audit process in a host company. The students thus apply their knowledge during their work-study period or during a specific internship.

The basic concepts of the Supply Chain
Evaluating performance
The FSC Supply Chain Excellence standard
The auditor's know-how
The FSC audit process
Case studies - Role plays
Junior Auditor's Certificate of Competence

Structure of the Junior Audit Training Program

Initiate a Supply Chain Excellence approach to boost employability

The fundamental impact of the Supply Chain on our companies is still too little known. This is why we believe that it is essential toeducate the new generations to the real notions of Supply Chain, flows, processes, continuous improvement and therefore performance audit.

An end-to-end supply chain

The scope of the training is that of an end-to-end Supply Chain, i.e. all aspects of the Supply Chain are addressed in accordance with the vision of FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN by Aslog. We deliver a solid and transversal corpus which also integrates the notions of supplier, customer or subcontractor:

  • Management, Strategy and Organization ;
  • Logistics in design and projects ;
  • Procurement ;
  • Production;
  • Internal and external flows;
  • Storage;
  • Sale;
  • Support, Return and End of Life Logistics ;
  • Steering indicators ;
  • Permanent progress.

A management of flows, processes and people in constant evolution

To ensure a relevant reading of Supply Chain performance, our Excellence framework has had to evolve several times and take into account new issues. In 2020, our tool has been updated and enriched to meet the current challenges of :

Sustainable development

and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Agility and resilience
Professions and skills

The junior course automatically benefits from these changes. The students are thus initiated to the fundamentals and the best practices of the sector. The acquisition of the continuous improvement approach and the notion of transversality of the Supply Chain are also the guarantee of a better professional insertion.

Testimonials from Training Managers

Thierry HOUÉ
Associate Professor
Director, Supply Chain and Information Systems Management Department


Since 2007, I have found the France Supply Chain by ASLOG Supply Chain Audit certification to be a progressive and comprehensive training program covering many aspects of the supply chain.

As head of the Supply Chain and Purchasing Management specialization modules in the Grande Ecole program at ICN Business School's Nancy campus, I was looking for a certification that would enable our students to mobilize a broad spectrum of skills and tools useful for effectively conducting an audit of flow management activities.

Since 2007, I have found the France Supply Chain by ASLOG Supply Chain Audit certification to be a progressive and comprehensive training program covering many aspects of the supply chain.

The advantage of this certification is twofold. On the one hand, it comes at the end of the participants' course, enabling them to consolidate and test the multiple knowledge and skills acquired over two years. On the other hand, it covers issues affecting the entire extended supply chain and, consequently, offers a true vision of the Supply Chain Manager's profession and its complexity to students who are just about to embark on their professional careers.

Jean-Marc LEHU
Head of Master Logistics, Marketing & Distribution


I'm convinced thatin terms of professional integration, which is the only objective that really counts, this is an undeniable asset for our students.

In the jungle of (all too often gimmicky) certificates of qualification, courses wishing to equip their students with real, value-added skills need credibility and authenticity . The Junior Auditor attestation offered by France Supply Chain by Aslog has been tried and tested for several years by students in the LMD Master's program at the Sorbonne School of Management. First and foremost, it represents a guarantee of the seriousness of the training leading to it, because it is delivered with rigor by industry experts. But it is also a guarantee of professional recognition for students who complete the course.

The Excellence Framework and audit methodology are invaluable tools. What's more, their uniqueness and the global, cross-functional approach to the supply chain that this training provides have become highly relevant in the field.

I'm convinced thatin terms of professional integration - because that's the only objective that really counts - it's an undeniable asset for our students, enabling them to enhance their applications by displaying recognized complementary professional skills.

Florence THOMIN
MOPL training manager


Feedback from the companies audited has been very positive. After this initial experience, some of them are considering deploying this tool to support the development of their organizations.

"The ISTELI schools, part of the AFTRAL group, have been calling on France Supply Chain (Aslog) for several years now to provide auditing training for their Bac+5 MOPL (Manager of Logistics Organizations and Processes) students. FSC's experienced auditors deliver a comprehensive training program that covers the entire supply chain, from fundamentals to continuous improvement, with a focus on best practices. To do this, they draw on the France Supply Chain Excellence Framework, rich in themes and robust, and its audit methodology.

Practical application, through simulations in class and an in-company audit (on two chapters of the reference framework), enables trainees to appropriate the tool and successfully obtain the Junior Auditor France Supply Chain certificate.

Feedback from the companies audited has been very positive. After this first experience, some of them are considering deploying this tool to support the development of their organizations. A real asset for our Logistics Organization and Process Manager graduates, during their work-study period (with a new vision of their host company) and for their professional project.


Training the Supply Chain auditors of tomorrow

Our junior program offers a gateway to France Supply Chain auditor certification. Access to auditor certification is possible on completion of training and after an audit.

After mastering the Excellence framework, students are trained in the audit process. This module presents both the audit process (techniques, objectives, issues, conclusions) and the auditor's know-how and soft skills.

Once put into practice, students will be able to provide the deliverables expected by a performance evaluation, i.e., the areas of progress for the company.

Put into practice to master tools and concepts


The program focuses on action in order to facilitate the integration of the many concepts stemming from the Excellence framework:

Role playing
Business case simulations
Exercises via an interactive and participative tool
Implementation of an audit process

The implementation in the field (during the work-study program or even a specific internship) is the sine qua non condition to obtain the training certificate. It will be carried out following the 5 days of training in school with a host company.

Testimonials from certified young people

Alexandre KOUDIM
ESTACA Engineer - Post-graduate cycle

"This standard is a real opportunity for a consultant like me to gain a better understanding of my customers' supply chains and to carry out diagnostic missions .

Camille DOPPIA
M2 student - Logistics, Marketing, Distribution at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

"I feel capable of carrying out a complete audit [...] this is a real plus that I can use as a skill in the company and also on my CV ".

Experienced trainers, authors of multiple audits in companies

Our trainers have been selected among our certified auditors, they have profiles of experts in the field and professors. They are Supply Chain professionals with 20+ years of business experience in Logistics/Supply Chain. They conduct Supply Chain performance evaluations in companies (internally or as external consultants) and therefore have a strong expertise of the tool.

These auditors-trainers have pedagogical references from various training programs.

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