Supply chain risk barometer - 4th edition

War in Ukraine, increasing natural disasters, lock down in China, tensions around Taiwan and Korea, shortages of materials and components, increasing energy prices, return of inflation, threats of recession, rise of nationalism... in an increasingly uncertain environment, it is the very model of Globalization and globalized Supply Chain that is being questioned.

If companies have become aware of the complexity of their Supply Chain, of their fragility and their dependence, or even of their unpreparedness to face events, the time has come to adapt in order to regain control in the face of the new challenges of geopolitics and global warming.

This4th edition of the KYU Supply Chain Risk Barometer, carried out in partnership with Arts& Métiers, France Supply Chain and AMRAE, is an opportunity to take the pulse of the Supply Chain, to measure the evolution of the risks to which it is exposed, to evaluate the maturity of organizations to face the new challenges, to identify and share trends and best practices.

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