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France Supply Chain by Aslog publishes best practices and solutions to reduce drudgery in warehouses

In France, transport and logistics are among the 7 sectors most exposed to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). To prevent and reduce physical risks in the warehouse, France Supply Chain by Aslog provides all professionals with a Toolbook of concrete practices validated in the field. This new tool is the result of work carried out within the framework of the LAB SupplyChain4Good led by the Rocher Group and FM Logistic with the contribution of 30 member companies. This publication gives concrete expression to the association's ambition of a sustainable Supply Chain for people.

130+ solutions to address health, performance and recruitment issues in transport and logistics

190,000 new hires are expected in 2023 for warehousing and order preparation activities. However, these professions are under pressure due to the sometimes difficult working conditions. In France, 70% of work stoppages are linked to back pain. It is therefore essential to take action on physical hardship in warehouses in order to increase the attractiveness of the sector and to retain and maintain its teams.

This guide offers numerous solutions to raise awareness, prevent and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). They can be adapted to the type of activity or the employee's profile, subject to preliminary tests. These include, for example, workstation adjustments to reduce the risk of pain, handling aids and passive and active exoskeletons.

A practical and pedagogical approach thanks to role playing and experience sharing

The guide focuses on three major activities in warehouses, namely order picking, stacking/unstacking and receiving/shipping. First, it presents an overview of the solutions used by half of the companies in the sample to measure the difficulty of working. It includes rating and observation grids for work situations as well as technological solutions for measuring gestures and postures.

Illustrated fact sheets

In the second part, the Toolbook identifies 13 risk situations for which it proposes practical sheets based on illustrations in real-life conditions. The exoskeletons are the subject of a distinct focus thanks to the numerous feedbacks of companies having already tested their use in the warehouse professions. The France Supply Chain community intends to make the whole sector benefit from its experience to increase the well-being of the women and men of the Supply Chain.


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About France Supply Chain

Gathered within the France Supply Chain by Aslog community, 4900 members are committed to enable Supply Chains to build a sustainable world for the planet, people and performance.

The association federates in France and abroad, 450 companies of all sizes (Large Groups, ETI, SME) and all sectors of activity, Grandes Ecoles and training organizations. Its mutual aid communities, strengthened by the collective intelligence of the men and women of the Supply Chain, design tools and solutions that enable companies to meet all their challenges.

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