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France Supply Chain launches the 2nd edition of its guide to supply chain training in France

Faced with the lack of visibility and complete information on the various training courses dedicated to the Supply Chain professions, the France Supply Chain association has published the2nd edition of its guide to higher education.

This comprehensive book lists more than 140 courses in France and presents each course in detail. It thus responds to the desire to guide people looking for training, teachers, managers, members of companies, HRDs and recruitment agencies, for students in initial training, as well as for people in post wishing to evolve and develop new skills.

For many years now, the Supply Chain has been at the heart of corporate strategy. Nevertheless, the professions that make it up are still not well known. They lack visibility, despite the fact that the supply, logistics and distribution functions were highlighted during the successive health and geopolitical crises. 

 Xavier DERYCKE, Supply Chain Director Europe Rexel Group and member of the Board of Directors and Comex of France Supply Chain , directed the realization of the guide and shares his knowledge of the needs of the sector: 

Even more than before the Covid-19 pandemic and because of the disruption of supply chains, the visibility of the business has become much greater. All facets are important, from flow management and forecasting with Big Data, to the management of increasingly automated warehouses, the choice of transport in the knowledge of environmental impacts, and production with risk and energy management... all while evolving in a multiple world of contacts and information. 

In addition to being an unpublished source of information, this France Supply Chain training guide also sheds light on the dynamics of an innovative and very buoyant sector, with multiple opportunities and eager for talent .

A second, updated and enriched edition 

The first edition of the guide published in 2020 had allowed to make an overview of the training courses provided in the supply chain. In this second edition, the Association France Supply Chain pushes the work even further by listing all existing training courses in France, Bac +4 and beyond, and continuing education, full-time or alternating. 

It provides a detailed description of the methods, procedures and financing for each of the proposed training courses. 

In order to be as clear and complete as possible, this guide of more than 150 pages offers : 

a glossary of existing degrees, accreditations, rankings and certifications 

a summary table of training courses by category: business schools (53 courses), engineering schools (22 courses), universities (48 courses) and other professional training organizations (18 courses) 

+ More than 100 explanatory sheets presenting the admission criteria, the teaching, the organization and indicating the contacts of the persons in charge of teaching for each of the courses 

And on each of the trainings, the opinion of one of the professionals , members of the France Supply Chain association, highlighting the qualities of the curriculum 

a classification by criteria, in particular by type of functions sought and by geographical area in order to facilitate local research (typically for work-study programs)

To get the Guide des Formations France Supply Chain, follow the link below: 

About France Supply Chain

In an increasingly complex world, making the Supply Chain a lever for a more sustainable world is an essential challenge for all companies. This is why France Supply Chain brings relevant solutions to all Supply Chain actors, thanks to its network of 450 affiliated companies and an approach based on collective intelligence.

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