France Supply Chain brings together companies and schools

After having unveiled its Guide to Higher Education in Supply Chain, France Supply Chain is initiating a new project to bring schools and companies closer together: the creation of pairs of professors and administrators of the association. The objective? To act together within the pedagogical councils.

Centrale Supelec, ESSEC, Sorbonne, ISTELI, MINES ParisTech, University of Grenoble, AFTRAL, E.S.T... At the initiative of France Supply Chain, under the leadership of Xavier Derycke, supply chain director of the Rexel group and head of the HR Lab, many training organisations, schools, universities and IUTs have responded to the association's call to forge lasting links between its administrators, active members and the world of training. To lay the foundations of this new synergy and establish a lasting dialogue between supply chain companies and the various spheres of training, France Supply Chain has chosen to form pairs comprising a representative of each of them. Thus, Felix Papier from ESSEC will establish a special link with Yann de Feraudy, the president of France Supply Chain, while Nadia Hamani from INSSET will communicate in particular with Jean-Christophe Cuvelier, general manager of My Tower, and Aurélie Delemarle from ESIEE with the supply chain director of Orange, Benoit Huver.

Through two successive meetings, the association has therefore brought together, beyond their organisations, men and women who are keen to act together for the development of pedagogical councils dedicated to the supply chain . In total, nearly thirty duos will act within the schools' pedagogical councils, in order to strengthen the links with the establishments offering masters or bachelor's degrees in supply chain and to encourage interaction between different types of teaching and research, notably through the sharing of knowledge and the work of the association's Labs.

Forming a collaborative ecosystem for Supply Chain Training

These exchanges are all the more necessary since, as Xavier Derycke points out, the supply chain is "a profession that is being enriched, in constant search of a balance between service, stocks, costs and sustainability, driven by the major transformations underway: digital technology and CSR". Thus, alongside the association's various Labs (Digital & Technologies, HR, Supply Chain 4 Good and ETI PME), the players in this new project will be able to exchange and develop training with the desire to act to build a more resilient, collaborative, agile, close and sustainable world. "The crisis has accelerated the pace of change in these professions and many things are changing as a result. I am delighted to contribute to moving things forward at the French level and perhaps one day at the European level," said Evren Sahin, professor at Centrale Supelec. "We have a lot to offer each other: you have the raw materials and we will provide you with the human resources. Let's continue like this, together, to form a collaborative ecosystem," emphasised Olivier Lavastre, University Professor at Grenoble IAE.

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