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Live WEBINAR " France Supply Chain International "


JANUARY 21, 2021

5:30pm - 6:30pm

In a globalized economy, France Supply Chain and the companies it represents play a major role on the international scene. To do so, France Supply Chain must develop its network in the main economic regions of the world and maintain close links with major institutional players in these different territories.

This Live webinar " WELCOME TO AFRICA " is the first step in our international deployment.

Africa is often rightly cited as a land of opportunity and therefore a market to be questioned for any company seeking development. Nevertheless the subject is difficult to qualify, because business and operational models are in reality, quite unknown to managers.

African realities are known through commonplaces provided by the media " classiques " or by the viewpoints, of organisations such as MEDEF Africa, CIAN, ..., very oriented macro-economics, regulatory environment and institutional strategies.

It is not so easy to find a balanced approach between an "Afro-optimism" often tinged with naivety and an "Afro-pessimism" too often tinged with arrogance.

All the players agree on one point: the deployment of B2C/B2B solutions is impossible at " copier/coller " from mature Western models. Their globalization dimension, based on the example of the development over the last 25 years of South East Asia, is inadequate.

Next to the " stratégie development commercial " aspect, there is a real need to share very specific supply chain and logistics operation models.

The " chapters Afrique " will bring this dimension.

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