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Planning Manager - Job description

The Planning Manager plays a global role in anticipating andsteering Supply Chain processes.
He/she is responsible foroptimizing the load/capacity ratio within his/her perimeter (line, Business Unit, plant or multi-site). He/she anticipates periods of imbalance, and decides with the Supply Chain Manager which levers to activate to achieve balance. In this way, he works on adjusting resources according to production capacities and workload plans. If necessary, he/she arbitrates in the event of disruptions, in order to optimize the
satisfaction of both internal and external customers.
He/she is a driving force, based on feedback from the Forecasters, in the preparation andanimation of the PIC (industrial and commercial plan) and the PDP (master production plan). When suppliers are listed or discontinued, the Planning Manager must integrate this transition into production as far as possible.
Depending on the company and its products, the Planning Manager works with factories and subcontractors over a short, medium or long term horizon.
The Planning Manager differs from the Scheduling Manager in that he/she has a longer time horizon and a larger steering grid. In some organizations, the Planning department also carries outscheduling. In this case, he/she defines the order in which production orders are to be committed, works with the Production Manager to draw up production schedules, and distributes the workload between the workshops.
He/she is responsible for monitoring key performance indicators linked to production, but also to suppliers.
In parallel with his/her operational functions, he/she works to rationalize and optimize the planning processes within his/her scope.
He/she plays a highly cross-functional role, interfacing between production, logistics operations (procurement, etc.) and sales. In some organizations, the Planning Manager may also manage Procurement.

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