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9 July 2021

Trends and new supply chain jobs by MichaelPage

An essential lever for a more sustainable world, the Supply Chain is at the heart of business transformation. Driven by digitalisation, innovation and the need for a strong customer orientation, today's organisations must be resilient, agile and focused on the circular economy. These are new challenges that call for new professions.

At a time when many professions are disappearing while others are appearing*, there is one question that we, as Supply Chain professionals, are all asking ourselves: what are the professions that will make up the Supply Chain of tomorrow?

Although we do not claim to be able to read the future, our privileged position as theleading French network of supply chain professionals combined with that of Michael Page, the leading firm in the market for the recruitment of experienced executives, invites us to engage in this exercise.

A series of interviews and workshops with our members, conducted and enriched by the observations of Michael Page, have enabled us to arrive at a list of four professions. Four key professions for the Supply Chain of tomorrow which, although they sometimes exist today, remain the prerogative of large structures with a relatively confidential position.

Because Supply Chain is a vital issue for companies, and because Human Resources are a necessary condition and are often the first concern of Supply Chain Managers**, we are pleased to share with you the fruit of our work and latest observations on the job market. We hope that this guide will enlighten you on the issues that we identify as essential to the evolution of our profession.

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