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Author : Alexandre

COVID19: The #SupplyChain4Good community organises the delivery of protective visors to the IHU in Strasbourg

The SupplyChain4Good initiative enables the delivery of 1,650 protective visors and valve connectors for respirators to the Strasbourg IHU.

To combat the Covid19 virus, the Supply Chain is more than ever at the heart of a France that is organising itself in the face of this unprecedented situation. Routing of basic foodstuffs and medical equipment: supply chains are becoming progressively tighter, less reliable and more vulnerable. However, the maintenance, solidity and security for several weeks of these priority supply chains are becoming vital.

In this context, Movin'On and ASLOG , who are working on sustainable mobility solutions for goods through the SupplyChain4Good community, could not remain inactive. For several weeks now, part of the community has been organising the matching of available logistics capacities with the needs of the actors who are on the front line (hospitals, food distribution and basic necessities...).

In just a few weeks, this solidarity system made it possible to centralize, via a dedicated email, the needs as well as the available capacities. All requests are centralised and a team is in charge of consolidating them and then communicating with the right players.

It is notably within the framework of this initiative that the #SupplyChain4Good community made it possible, between April 1 and 6, to send 1,650 protective visors printed in 3D to the IHU in Strasbourg.

On March 30, Luckylink, a company working on solidarity initiatives against coronavirus, contacted ASLOG via a dedicated email address( to find a partner to ship 3D protective visors to the IHU in Strasbourg.

As part of the SupplyChain4Good initiative, Fabien Esnoult, ASLOG Board Member, SupplyChain4Good Project Coordinator and President of SprintProject, puts him in contact with Ahmed Chaieb, Founder of Box2Home, the solution for express delivery, assembly and installation of bulky products.

Following this connection and between 1st and 6th April, Box2Home collects from the companies Alchimies (Dieuze) and PIM Industrie (Marckolsheim) more than 1650 protective visors and makes the delivery to the IHU of Strasbourg. A detour to the home of a private individual was also organized, in order to recover a donation of valve connectors, intended for respirators, manufactured with his personal 3D printer.


The #SupplyChain4Good community was created on the initiative of Michelin and the Aslog, as part of the Movin'On ecosystem, in favor of a more sustainable mobility of goods.

#SupplyChain4Good aims to bring together players working for Supply Chains that are simultaneously good for the planet, people and business performance.

The members of this community are "shippers" (industrial and commercial companies), "operators" (transporters, logisticians, shipping companies, ports...), "support functions" (academics, consultants, information systems, regulators, NGOs...). They cover all economic sectors and all regions of the world. Their work takes place throughout the year and culminates in the annual Movin'On Summit, the world summit on sustainable mobility.

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Pierre-Martin HUETVP Global Supply Chain MICHELIN
Valérie MACREZManaging Director ASLOG
Ivan BATURONEVice President, Supply Chain Innovation MICHELIN
Fabien ESNOULTMember of the ASLOG Board of Directors and Chairman of SprintProject
Alain BORRIManaging Director BP2R
Augustin GUELDRYManaging Director Colicoach
Frédéric MIREBEAUPresident WelcomeTrack
Jérôme LEFORTLawyer Partner Law Firm LLC & Associates (Legal Expert)
Frédéric VAGLIOChairman Meliora Group (Security Expert)
Benoit AUJAYManaging Director B2PWeb

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