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E.VO.L.U.E: first concrete results unveiled for more efficient urban logistics 

Since 2019, France Supply Chain (formerly ASLOG), Club Déméter, and Institut du Commerce have been leading the E.VO.L.U.E (Engagement VOlontaire pour une Logistique Urbaine Efficiente) project. After several years' work, the three associations are now presenting the first concrete results of this collaborative initiative, aimed at optimizing urban goods flows.

The genesis of the project  

The mission of the E.VO.L.U.E project is to structure the initiatives of supply chain professionals, by modeling a new, more responsible urban logistics system. The aim is to establish a robust method for analyzing data to identify ways of making operations more efficient while reducing the environmental footprint, in collaboration with economic players and public authorities.

A large-scale project supported by numerous partners

This innovative, large-scale project, supported by the 3 associations mentioned above, would not have been possible without the essential commitment of the Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO) test area, sponsors (the main one being the Île-de-France Region), technical partners, and contributors who have agreed to share their data. 

Three key steps to more efficient urban logistics 

The three-stage E.VO.L.U.E project has mobilized anonymous contributors since 2019, including carriers, shippers and retailers in the GPSO area.

Chapter 1

Analysis of existing situation

Chapter 2

Optimization and areas for improvement

Chapter 3

Prospective studies (infrastructures, regulations, etc.)

Initial results have enabled us to study data from over 25,000 tours over the months of October 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

Initial analysis results 

  • Impact of congestion on deliveries 
    More than half of all tours experience a significant impact of congestion on their travel times, confirming the importance of finding ways to shift freight traffic to off-peak hours whenever possible.
  • Proximity to delivery areas 
    Only 20% of deliveries are made within 50m of a delivery area, and 39% of deliveries are made more than 150m from a delivery area. 
  • Need and Supply of Delivery Areas 
    While there are currently 260 delivery bays in the study area, 140 additional bays would meet 50% of demand.
  • The Urban Micro-Hub solution 
    The creation of 3 delivery hubs with a catchment radius of 2 km would cover up to 95% of delivery points in the study area.

The findings of this initial analysis offer very positive prospects for optimizing urban logistics in the study area, and suggest numerous alternatives for phase 2 of the project. 

Call for Papers 

It's not too late to join the E.VO.L.U.E project!
Companies wishing to participate in modeling more efficient and responsible urban logistics by sharing their data anonymously and having access to the full results can still join the current contributors... 

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