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France Supply Chain by Aslog publishes its new Manifesto and calls for a Frugal and Desirable Supply Chain

France Supply Chain presents an updated and comprehensive version of its 2020 manifesto.

The aim of this founding document is to shed light on the future of the industry, and make it a desirable one. It is divided into 4 chapters and 19 fact sheets, supported by examples that are the fruit of the collective intelligence of its 4,900 members. With this plea, the association hopes to inspire Supply industry players and help them take action.

self-help-collective intelligence

Beyond a vision, the community's concrete actions

A new feature of this 2023 edition was that the network's member companies took part, sharing examples from their decarbonization or strategic plans. All subjects were covered thanks to the involvement and diversity of the association's members, i.e. 420 companies and 30 leading schools and training organizations.

Sobriety and circularity applied to the supply chain

The scope of the actions identified does not stop at goods transport and product design. Sobriety and circularity require a rethinking of organizational chains, and therefore also impact logistics buildings, data management and even the very notion of ownership.

A plea for shared ecosystems

The concepts of frugality and loops require strong collaboration between players. The publication presents solutions for sharing use and value equitably and with confidence.

Numerous proposals to give meaning and humanity to our professions

In the final part of the Manifesto, France Supply Chain's Human Resources Lab shares its ideas for offering career paths that are a source of fulfillment: strengthening initial and continuing training, improving inclusion, dynamic and qualifying career paths synonymous with social springboards, etc.

Manifesto for a supply chain

Visuals included.

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About France Supply Chain

The FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN By Aslog community is committed to strengthening the impact of the Supply Chain on business competitiveness, and making it a lever for a more sustainable world. Our network of 4,900 members, professionals from all business sectors, academics and students, pool ideas and experience to provide Supply Chain players with concrete solutions.

The workshops held in our LABS and self-help communities are great places for reflection, exchange and progress. Our actions and projects are guided by 3 key principles: our ability to set the standard, to leverage collective intelligence via our communities, and to increase our capacity to influence essential developments.

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