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France Supply Chain by Aslog and Michael Page publish their Supply Chain Salary Survey 2023

France Supply Chain and Michael Page have once again combined their expertise to publish a comprehensive study of remuneration for Supply Chain executive positions in France. The current job market is under pressure, and there is a shortage of candidates in the logistics and supply chain sectors. The aim of this survey is to assist readers in their recruitment or job search, thanks to detailed responses from over 1,200 professionals.

A detailed benchmark of the remuneration offered on the market: salary, variable, increase, etc.

The figures revealed in the first part of this new survey are based on a number of parameters developed in the "job focus" section. Expertise, career path and sector of activity all provide a clear picture of remuneration.

In addition to fixed remuneration, variable remuneration and annual increase policies are the subject of in-depth study. These are strategic levers for companies in these times of inflation, volatility and talent shortages.


Manager / Supply Chain Director: sought-after, high-paying profiles

In 3 years, from the end of 2019 to June 2022, the number of job offers for these positions has risen from 50 to 100 per week. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors are looking for experts capable of meeting the many challenges facing Supply Chain functions (securing flows, optimizing inventories and logistics/transport costs, digital transformation or CSR issues).

Feminization of professions and pay gap

With 31.3% of respondents being women, the survey reveals that the proportion of women in the supply chain is lower than the national average for managers. This disparity is even more marked when we look at positions of responsibility (9% of management positions).

A major focus is therefore devoted to the areas of work and solutions to be deployed in order to remedy this under-representation of women and workforce tensions.

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About France Supply Chain

The FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN BY Aslog community is committed to strengthening the impact of the Supply Chain on business competitiveness, and making it a lever for a more sustainable world. Our network of 4,900 members, professionals from all business sectors, academics and students, pool ideas and experience to provide Supply Chain players with concrete solutions.

The workshops held in our LABS and self-help communities are great places for reflection, exchange and progress. Our actions and projects are guided by 3 key principles: our ability to set the standard, to leverage collective intelligence via our communities, and to increase our capacity to influence essential developments.

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About Michael Page

Michael Page's Purchasing Supply Chain practice is currently present in 12 European countries, and recruits over 5,500 people a year. Regular exchanges between our teams in the field and our international key account unit guarantee responsiveness and efficiency.

Michael Page meets all Supply Chain challenges thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industry trends, and the expertise of its consultants in the professions for which they recruit.

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