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14 June 2022

France Supply Chain strengthens its involvement in a sustainable supply chain as a transformation lever for a full CSR company by 2030

CSR is more than ever at the centre of companies' concerns. Between pandemics, geopolitical conflicts and climate change, CSR is now confronting companies with their responsibilities and making them question their organisations for the years to come. 

Based on this observation, the Institut de l'Entreprise, PwC France and Maghreb, and the FNEGE (Fondation L'Institut de l'Entreprise) have coordinated a study, "L'Entreprise Full-RSE à horizon 2030", aimed at understanding how to integrate the social, societal and environmental responsibility of companies at all levels of their organisations. 

From foresight to practice

 Between September 2020 and November 2021, in an unprecedented partnership approach, 10 leading professional associations*, bringing together more than 240 witnesses from the management of more than a hundred companies, and 30 academic experts, took part in 10 "design fiction" workshops, consisting of projecting themselves into plausible futures in order to question the directions to take in the present. 

FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN, the reference interlocutor on all issues related to the supply chain and involved for many years in sustainable supply chains, is pleased to have contributed to this study.

 For Yann de Feraudy, President of France Supply Chain:

 In 2030, the supply chain function will become more central and visible. Insofar as it affects 60 to 80% of the cost structure, it is one of the major levers for the transformation of our companies. It covers a number of activities, from sourcing to product recycling, including purchasing, supply, planning, production, storage and transport. This central and cross-functional position aligns the Purchasing, Industrial and Logistics functions towards the same strategic and operational vision. 

A full CSR company will define a supply policy and will ask for its joint implementation by its Purchasing and Supply Chain departments... The latter will equip itself with increasingly sophisticated technological means to ensure better visibility and traceability throughout the chain by optimising the service and the use, or even the reuse, of resources to preserve the planet. It will have to collaborate with stakeholders both inside and outside the company, mobilising its entire ecosystem. 

These workshops have highlighted the difficulties that "stand in the way", we believe that we must look beyond this by relying on the changes underway that are working and drawing lines for the future! 

The full CSR Supply Chain function will be : Customer-focused, more resilient, increasingly collaborative (sometimes even with competitors) so it will be better able to recruit and develop talent and have a positive impact on the planet.

*Institut de l'Entreprise, PwC, FNEGE, ANDRH, ADETEM, CIGREF, CNA, DFCG, Entreprises & Médias, France Supply Chain, IFA, and ORSE 

About France Supply Chain

In an increasingly complex world, making the Supply Chain a lever for a more sustainable world is an essential challenge for all companies. This is why France Supply Chain brings relevant solutions to all Supply Chain actors, thanks to its network of 450 affiliated companies and an approach based on collective intelligence.

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