Award for the best article in sustainable supply chain - 2023 Edition

Within the framework of the Lab Supply Chain 4 Good and in the continuity of the Manifesto, France Supply Chain launches the 2023 edition of the Best Article Award in Sustainable Supply Chain in association with the International Association for Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The objective of this initiative is to reward a scientific publication that makes a significant contribution to the field of sustainable supply chain management. This operation allows to highlight academic works of excellence in the specific fields of logistics management and Supply Chain Management.

Who can participate?

The 2023 edition of this prize concerns teacher-researchers who have published an article in one of the two journals associated with the AIRL-SCM or in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of Supply Chain Management between January1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. The paper may be in French or English. For those in English, candidates will have to produce a long abstract in French (1000 words).

What are the evaluation criteria?

A jury, made up of teacher-researchers who are members of France Supply Chain and members of the AIRL-SCM, will evaluate the articles according to the following criteria:

Importance of the treated subject for the members of France Supply Chain (for example, link with the Labs, link with the Manifesto for a more sustainable Supply Chain)

Potential impact of results (e.g., potential to influence decisions in business or public organizations)

Nature of research contributions: academic, methodological, managerial

Innovative nature of the research

Practical application and consideration of ecosystems

The winner(s) will receive a prize of 2000€ given by France Supply Chain during a ceremony which will take place during the 20 years of the AIRL-SCM in Paris from 04 to 05 April 2023.

How and when to apply?

The applications for this "Prize for the best article in Sustainable Supply Chain -Edition 2023" are made up of an electronic file including:

A short curriculum vitae of each author with a list of recent publications

Thepaper submitted for the award, giving full publication references

For articles in English, a long abstract in French of 1,000 words announcing the main contributions

Applications must be submitted in a single PDF by Monday, February 27, 2023, at the latest.

The 2022 winners

Out of 17 entries, two were awarded:

  • The "Coup de Coeur" prize was awarded to Anne Touboulic and Jane Gover for their article "Tales from the countryside: Unpacking 'passing the environmental buck' as hypocritical practice in the food Supply Chain".
  • Best Paper Award to Joséphine Riemens, Andrée-Anne Lemieux, Samir Lamouri, Léonore Garnier for their paper "A Delphi-Régnier Study Addressing theChallenges of Textile Recycling in Europe for the Fashion and Apparel Industry

Download the abstracts of the two winning articles:

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