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July 17, 2023

Report from the heart of Supply Chain Day 2023

On Thursday June 29, over 100 people gathered at the Parc de Tréville, headquarters of Groupe Les Mousquetaires in Bondoufle, to take part in Supply Chain Day 2023. The Group's Executive Director, Ali Khosrovi, honored us with his presence and paid tribute to Éric Le Mignon, General Supply Chain Director at Intermarché and member of the association, on the occasion of his retirement.   

The morning was hosted by the sparkling Fabrice Lundy, talented business columnist, presenter and interviewer. President Yann de Feraudy was on hand to talk about the future of France Supply Chain, while leaders of Labs, projects and communities told the assembly about some of the issues that are driving them in 2023.

A retrospective with a strong CSR flavour

Social and Environmental Responsibility means LAB SupplyChain4GOOD with Aimé-Frédéric Rosenzweig, Supply Chain Expert Leader at Renault Group and Camille Demarquilly, VP Global Supply Chain Engineering at Michelin at the helm, joined successively by :

  • Romain Chevallet, Group Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager at FM Logistic, and Benjamin Muller, Ergonomics and Disability Manager at Groupe Rocher, to focus on the Toolbook of best practices . Reducing drudgery in the warehouse.
  • Géraud Pellat de Villedon, General Secretary of SCLCMT and Michelin's CSR Supply Chain Manager, was on hand to announce the start of production of the first SCLCMT shippers' association's roto-propelled container ships.
  • Reuben Fischer of The Shift Project in an interview recorded before the event.

      The round-table of sustainable projects ended with the EVOLUE project (Engagement volontaire pour des logistiques urbaines efficientes), which focuses on urban distribution, with France Supply Chain, Club Demeter,Institut du Commerce (Xavier Hua, Managing Director) and SprintProject ( Eymeric de Pelleport, EVOLUE Project Manager, Development Director).

      As the data collection phase draws to a close (it is still possible to complete this panel), the first results will be published at the end of September 2023 and will serve as a basis for proposing optimizations to professionals, such as alternatives on existing infrastructures, mutualization or co-transportation. Prospective studies will then be carried out.

How can we decarbonize freight? Reuben Fisher, Freight Project Manager at The Shift Project and CSR & Sustainable Development Director at HOPPS GROUP, talks to business columnist Fabrice Lundy.

A new approach for Lab Digital

The LAB Digital et Technologies with Arnaud de Moissac, CEO of DcBrain shared the 1st results of the survey on priority use cases in digital Supply Chain.

Optimizing flows, logistics sites and product management is the major concern of respondents. Closely followed by the need to make the right decisions and take action thanks to good data management. The survey also reveals expectations in terms of Dashboards and KPIs, tools which the Lab will have to address in the future in order to propose solutions to members.

Digital then gave way to human. Xavier Derycke, Lab RH leader, in the midst of handing over to Denis Deumier, Group Supply Chain Director for Rexel Group , reviewed the achievements of Lab Richesses Humaines, a name that echoed Les Mousquetaires' slogan: "Il n'est de richesse que d'Hommes". Jean Bodin, philosopher.

Good to know: anonymized reports on practices and experiments carried out in companies and/or schools will soon be available to members in the site's "Resource Bank".

Where there's human, there's youth, with the presence of 2 members of Lab Jeunes,2nd promotion: Rodrigue Branchet-Fauvet, PMO of the Lab and Nathan Guilbert of the Pôle Radio Supply Chain. These committed KEDGE ISLI students, eager to learn and meet new people, demonstrated that Supply Chain can be a passion for students. It's up to us to introduce them to it.

When SMEs and start-ups shake up the supply chain

Find out more about the scheme dedicated to ETIs and SMEs and why you should join the next promotion.

Emmanuel Gioux, Supplier Responsiveness Program Director at L'Oréal, and William Zanotti, President of DigiLence, then took to the stage to present the program designed for ETIs and SMEs. To illustrate this, let's cite a fine example: a L'Oréal supplier who followed the personalized support program in its test version. After 6 months, he has :

  • created and recruited a Supply Chain Manager;
  • created a full-fledged Supply Chain department and hired ;
  • designed new processes.

As Emmanuel Gioux sums up, "the idea is: we'll be stronger together [...] as a customer of this supplier, we can see the concrete benefits for us ".


Hervé Dechene, Cofounder VP Strategy at SprintProject, led the Start-up Session, an exercise that continues to enthrall the audience. This year, they tackled the subject of the Circular Supply Chain, and in particular reusable containers, with :

  • Anne-Sophie Raoult of Hipli (reusable packaging for e-commerce);
  • Shu Zhang of Pandobac (turnkey service for reusable transport packaging for the catering industry);
  • François des Beauvais from Pyxo (reuse solution for catering packaging).

A growing association

Supply Chain Day also provided an opportunity to review the internationalization of the association, and in particular its growing involvement in the new development of a European logistics and supply chain management community. Indeed, Didier Granger, CEO of OEMServices, was recently elected vice-president of ELA (European Logistics Association), where he represents France Supply Chain.

Before moving on to the legal aspects of this annual event, the Chairman wished to emphasize thesuccess and power of communities . This new concept differs from Labs in its approach and purpose. Labs are formal groupings where people work together to produce structured content that will benefit all members and beyond.

Communities, on the other hand, are informal groups with nothing more to offer than mutual support and the exchange of experiences and even situations. Yann de Feraudy has commissioned Marie-Laure Furgala, Director of KEDGEISLI , to lead a community of over 200 members, the women in Supply Chain community.

The diversity of our members is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, so make the most of it!

 Join one of our communities

Warehouse experts

Customs experts

Battery-electric trucks (BEV)

Supply Chain Risk Management

Women in Supply Chain

At the end of the morning, hosted the association's general meeting , with the presentation of the annual report, the accounts and the election of the new Board of Directors, followed by an excellent cocktail reception in a bucolic setting.

Once again, we'd like to thank Groupe les Mousquetaires for hosting the event, and all the members, partners and speakers who took part in Supply Chain Day.



Benjamin Muller, Romain Chevallet, Fabrice Lundy, Camille Demarquilly, Aimé-Frédéric Rosenzweig,


Géraud Pellat de Villedon, Fabrice Lundy, Camille Demarquilly, Aimé-Frédéric Rosenzweig


Fabrice Lundy and Arnaud de Moissac


Rodrigue Branchet-Fauvet, Nathan Guilbert, F.L, Denis Deumier, Xavier Derycke


Didier Granger, F.L, Eric Javellaud, Jean-Michel Guarneri


F.L, Eymeric de Pelleport, Xavier Hua


Yann de Feraudy, F.L, Marie-Laure Furgala


The cocktail

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