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RPA & Cybersecurity


France Supply Chain and its partner Wavestone publish today two new white papers, RPA and Cybersecurity, dedicated to process automation and digital risk, two major challenges for the supply chain. They enrich the work of the Digital & Technologies Lab, directed by François Martin-Festa, with the objective of making very complex concepts accessible to the entire supply chain world.

In a context of increasing competitive pressure and strong variations in supply and demand, the supply chain must transform itself to become agile and resilient. It is therefore becoming increasingly integrated and digital to carry out its activities. The two white papers, produced by France Supply Chain with the partnership of Wavestone, a French consulting firm specialised in the transformation of companies and organisations, are therefore a contribution to the reflection on the digitalisation of the supply chain. They contribute to the decision making of supply chain managers, who are called upon to become actors of this transformation.

By identifying the best technologies, risks, innovative ideas, and by launching collaborative projects, France Supply Chain, through its Digital & Technologies Lab, provides the entire profession with practical tools and a prospective vision of digital transformation.

"This latest work allows us to enlighten manufacturers on the opportunities, risk areas and threats that we have identified for many supply chains. They are part of our commitment to advancing the awareness, knowledge and experience sharing of our members, by providing them with insights that are highly focused on the complex technological issues they face.
François Martin-Festa, VP End to End Offer Data, Schneider Electric Group and head of the Digital & Technologies Lab

The approach: Under the impetus of a steering committee led by François Martin-Festa, members aware of the subject, among the 450 member companies of France Supply Chain, multinationals, SMEs or startups from all sectors of activity, met to share their contributions in an open manner.

The methodology: With a very strong operational and concrete character, it is structured around 3 key points:

  • to offer a panorama of concrete case studies with feedback,
  • draw up a checklist of issues and risks that supply chain professionals may face,
  • to propose a radar of solutions by identifying the companies which will be able, because of their recognised specialities, to help them analyse and solve their problems.

"Within theframework of these two white papers, we have contributed our vision of the profession, business and technology, in order to feed the exchanges which have enabled the members of France Supply Chain to build together a point of view that is accessible to the greatest number ofpeople."
Marc Dauga, Wavestone Partner and member of the Digital & Technologies Lab

RPA and Cybersecurity: opportunities and threats for the supply chain

These two white papers provide an insight into the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation, highlighting best practices, solutions and points of attention for the future.

  • The white paper Supply Chain x RPA (Robotic Process Automation) aims to present RPA, its use and its benefits on supply chain activities. It details concrete applications of this technology on all supply chain processes (planning, order management, customer service, etc.) and lists the main actions to be taken to support its implementation.
  • The second white paper, Supply Chain x Cybersecurity, takes stock of the cyber risks to the activities of an increasingly computerised and globalised supply chain. At a time when "the question is no longer if the supply chain will be attacked but when it will be attacked", this white paper clearly sets out the risks and consequences. It also outlines the 3 major trends that will continue into 2022: subcontractor compromise and targeted attacks on the cloud.

The Digital & Technologies Lab

In a context of strong competitive pressure requiring to limit the increase of costs, to be agile in order to bring more and more services to the industrialists as well as to the private individuals, to adapt permanently to the strong variations of activity, and in an uncertain geo-political landscape, the digitalization of the supply chain is a key lever. A subject as fundamental as it is complex, it is at the heart of the reflections and actions of France Supply Chain.

Within the Digital & Technologies Lab, the community of France Supply Chain members carries out a certain number of projects. Their approach is always guided by a strong principle: to improve the knowledge of the members, but also and above all to try to bring a concrete point of entry for the companies around cases of use, meetings, feedback, and to offer, in fine, "a forum cleared of all mercantile considerations", as François Martin-Festa puts it.

The work of the Digital & Technologies Lab is structured around 9 major themes: Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Intralogistics, Digitalisation of transport, RPA, Data, Supply Chain Innovation, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

About France Supply Chain

In an increasingly complex world, making the Supply Chain a lever for a more sustainable world is an essential challenge for all companies. This is why France Supply Chain brings relevant solutions to all Supply Chain actors, thanks to its network of 450 affiliated companies and an approach based on collective intelligence.

About Wavestone

In a world where knowing how to transform is the key to success, Wavestone's mission is to enlighten and guide large companies and organisations in their most critical transformations with the ambition of making them positive for all stakeholders. This is what we call "The Positive Way".

Wavestone has more than 3,400 employees in 8 countries. It is one of the leading independent consulting firms in Europe and theleading independent consulting firm in France. Wavestone is listed on Euronext Paris and has been awarded the Great Place To Work® label.

More information on // @wavestoneFR

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