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January 25, 2024

Inspiring Webinar: tête à tête with the Industrial Director of Ateliers de Maroquinerie Louis Vuitton

On Wednesday January 17, the spotlight turned to Valérie Dubois, Industrial Director of Ateliers de Maroquinerie Louis Vuitton. With 5000 employees across 9 sites, this woman of influence reveals the behind-the-scenes of her professional and personal daily life, offering a rare insight into the life of an accomplished executive. This immersion in her day-to-day reality reveals the challenges she brilliantly meets and the inspiring lessons she shares with the public.

The daily life of an Industrial Director

Valérie Dubois

Thanks to questions from Marie-Laure Furgala, Director of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL's ISLI MS/MSC in Global Supply Chain, Valérie Dubois takes us through her busy days, oscillating between strategic meetings at head office and immersion in production workshops. This duality between the tangible in the field and strategic discussions in the head office reveals her unique balance.

As a mother of two, she also shares her approach to reconciling an intense professional life with a fulfilling family life. She explains, for example, that she quickly made the choice to be less present, to sometimes come home late, but to be 100% present to share quality moments. In this way, she was able to combat her feelings of guilt.

When it comes to managing her time, she shared with us her clever strategy of hiring an au-pair. This decision has enabled her to put an end to the frantic race against time. What's more, in order to take a step back when operational demands become overwhelming, she regularly plans moments dedicated to her well-being, whether through relaxing pampering sessions or running sessions to free her mind from the daily hustle and bustle.

Break the myth of "luck" and cultivate self-confidence

As a woman in a leadership position, Valérie Dubois reveals her career path, highlighting how she overcame the obstacles she had sometimes imposed on herself, notably through the way she presented herself and explained her presence in the position of Site Manager. " I used to say, 'I've been lucky', but that's not true, it's something you bring on yourself, and it's the result of who you are and the work you do".

She encourages women to be clear in their positioning right from the start of their career, to dare to change and to test, because that's how you learn continuously and because "that's what gives salt in your career". What's more, such trajectories help build self-confidence and confidence for the future.


A sketchnote by Myriam Dumanchin-Makni

Her views on coaching and how she has used it in her career

Valérie Dubois

If I had to do it all over again, I'd call on them sooner to get feedback, coaching and 360° vision.

According to Marie-Laure Furgala's guest, this type of service helps to build self-confidence, legitimize oneself and therefore dare. It gives you the keys and the mindset you need to compete for a new position or build the next stage of your career.

But how do you find them, and how do you find trusted mentors? As a manager, Valérie Dubois has a clear opinion: "Companies need to have a real mentoring strategy, it's really important". One-to-one support from a senior employee is a career booster, and also helps to retain talent. This is as true for a junior as it is for an experienced employee whose qualities are recognized and whom we want to take on new responsibilities.

Operations and production: an enlightened passion

Operations are more than just processes; they embody agility, complexity, diversity, and an unwavering quest for sustainability. It's more than just mechanics, it's a source of inspiration that aims to amaze and sparkle in the eyes. Every intervention in the operations has a tangible impact, and the human element is inseparable from these production activities, lending an essential dimension to the whole.

Valérie Dubois

It's the heart of the reactor, where we understand how added value is built up, and who are the people involved, the support professions [...] Manufacturing products as leanly as possible, generating less and less waste, also gives us missions.

The uniqueness of this approach lies in a deep passion for the product, expressed through obsessive attention to detail, a commitment to quality, and mastery of exceptional craftsmanship. It is not simply an end result, but occupies a central place, permeating every stage of production.

For Valérie Dubois, Industrial Director of Ateliers de Maroquinerie Louis Vuitton, production and the product are more than just functional elements of her job; they are the driving force behind her career, giving it essential meaning .

A vision of management

To deal with crises, she encourages us to look at and analyze situations through "2 pairs of different glasses":

The company view
Employees' view

That's how she believes she succeeds in bringing about far-reaching structural change, overhauling work organization and, of course, getting her teams on board. On this last point, she confides that she had to find unprecedented solutions when she became the boss of her colleagues. Her answer? Collaborative management.

This3rd inspiring webinar offered viewers an endless source of inspiration, practical advice and an enlightened vision of professional and personal success.

One last tip?

Valérie Dubois

The network you build up, even in a variety of sectors and professions, feeds you for tomorrow. It pays off in the same way as your own experience.

Thanks to Valérie Dubois
for the invaluable lessons she shared with us with generosity and candor.

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What books can Valérie recommend to help us gain self-confidence?

I can simply recommend a very interesting book: "L'affirmation de soi : Mieux gérer ses relations avec les autres" by Dominique Chalvin (Edition ESF Sciences Humaines).

I've been retraining for 3 years (Bachelor+Master), but how can I "target" a specific Supply Chain job and activity, beyond the size of the company?

The key is experience in the field. Explore various Supply Chain sectors and discover the realities of the field. Consult our guide to higher education courses for detailed advice and guidance tailored to your career path.

The right product, the right place, the right time, the right resources and the right information? Shouldn't we be encouraging girls to go for IT-oriented courses as well as Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization courses?

Absolutely! For complete success, encouraging girls to go into IT is essential. In addition to the traditional courses, IT plays a crucial role in the supply chain. Take a look at our guide to higher education courses to discover the various paths available.

Do you have any advice on training courses (with or without certification) that provide important keys to a career in supply (in parallel with a job when you're already working)?

Certifying and non-certifying courses can enrich your Supply Chain career while you work. Consult our guide to higher education courses for specific recommendations, as the choice depends on your professional goals and your availability.

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