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How to start decarbonising your supply chain?

15 JUNE 2021

Companies have understood this: the status quo is no longer an option! Between the climate emergency and the desire to consume more responsibly that is taking root in our societies, the world of the Supply Chain is not immune to these transformations and must reinvent itself to integrate this new situation.

  • What are the opportunities to decarbonise the supply chain?
  • What are the success factors for implementing a decarbonisation process?

After several months of work on this topic, Wavestone and France Supply Chain are proud to present its publication on the Green Tech Supply Chain Radar, during a webinar that will address these issues.


During this webinar, you will have a preview of our Green Tech Supply Chain Radar and have the opportunity to ask your questions and discuss.


Presentation of the Green Tech Supply Chain Radar Feedback from Supply Chain / CSR directors of large groups Moments of exchange with the speakers


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Supply Chain Thematic Course

Supply chain fragility has become a major issue for companies and their customers. Companies now know that a resilient and agile supply chain is essential for business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Want to learn more about supply chain resilience and the importance of forecasting, intelligence and agility in responding to supply chain dynamics?

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Movin'On Summit

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FROM1 TO 4 JUNE 2021




Because we believe that mobility is a foundation for human development, and because the mobility of goods is one of its essential pillars, we are proud to participate in the Movin'On Summit adventure again this year.

The World Summit on Sustainable Mobility will be held from June 1 to 4, 2021, simultaneously in Montreal, Paris, Singapore and in digital form.

We would be delighted to share with you this privileged moment of inspiration, work and meetings.

What are the major issues at stake for sustainable mobility players? What technological advances will revolutionize the supply chains of tomorrow? How will cities, businesses and citizen movements evolve multimodal transport? What can we learn from neighboring industries and organizations to shape tomorrow's mobility?

Under the theme " fostering disruption, connections and action ", these are some of the major questions that more than 5,000 players in the field of sustainable mobility will try to answer.

During 4 days of engaging conferences and panels, collaborative work sessions and opportunities to connect with experts from around the world, get into the heart of the action to find concrete answers to the issues that concern you today and that will impact us even more strongly tomorrow.

Through this Summit you can :

  • Discover

    Innovations in the mobility of tomorrow, technological or business model breakthroughs (products, services, solutions, etc.)

  • Meet and exchange

    with the various players in the Supply Chain (planning, transport, warehousing, etc.), in an environment conducive to the development of partnerships and collective actions

  • Benchmarker

    between entities developing innovative and sustainable mobility and experimenting with new methodologies and tools for co-innovation

  • Develop

    with industry leaders on common positions to influence all stakeholders in the mobility of tomorrow, especially cities

We are pleased to invite you to use the promotion code "SUPPLYCHAIN4GOOD" to register, at a discounted rate, which will give you access to all 4 days of Movin'On Summit 2021, as well as to the video on demand (VOD) service for the 30 days following the summit.

To enhance your experience of the "Public" programme, the SupplyChain4Good community, which is working to accelerate the transition to a better supply chain for the planet, for people and for the performance of our companies, is particularly active on this occasion.

If you are a key player in the Supply Chain field (Supply Chain/Logistics Director in a company, manager in a transport or warehousing service provider group, head of support functions dedicated to the Supply Chain), take part in the specific working sessions that SupplyChain4Good is organising on the sidelines of the summit:

  • Workshops

    to accelerate the decarbonisation of maritime freight transport

  • Sharing experiences

    noteworthy on the decarbonisation of road freight transport

  • A call for applications

    to deploy hydrogen in freight transport and accelerate the advent of this promising technology

And many other exchanges on the digitalization of our information flows, the strategy and the resilience of our Supply Chain, the mutualization of flows and logistic means, the value that AI, IoT or Blockchain bring us...

The number of places for these working sessions organized by the SupplyChain4Good community is voluntarily limited. Please indicate your objectives and your contact details (name, phone number, position) by email to


To apply for the workshops, you must first be registered for Movin'on Summit 2021 . You can still benefit from the promotional code :


Join us in writing the next chapter of sustainable freight mobility!


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