By Didier Granger, President - CEO OEMServices and Xavier Derycke, VP Supply Chain Transformation Rexel Group

A large-scale project rewarded at the ELA Awards

On November 23, the Champions League was held, the battle of the winners: the Awards for the best European project, elected among the best projects of their country. This year, projects from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and France were competing. And the winner was ... the French project!

This project, you already know it well, it is the Kings of the Supply Chain, prize awarded every year by Supply Chain Magazine, and elected at the beginning of the year: Socamil / E. Leclerc - Witron. It was already, in short, a very European project, sponsored by Socamil / E. Leclerc and whose automatisms were designed and installed by Witron, a company from southern Germany.
The aim was to implement a fully automated warehouse of around 80,000 m² in Castelnaudary to deliver the E. Leclerc centers in all the diversity of their distribution: hyper, super, pick and collect...

The innovation is important, and lies in the gigantic scale of the project, in the different warehouse environments to be implemented and their very strong constraints, in particular the controlled temperature of -23°C and the cross-docking of fresh products. It is also obviously a data project to make this level of constraints work. And finally, it is a human project to attract to Castelnaudary, train and develop a team that was originally more oriented towards traditional warehousing and that is now becoming the pilot of a very sophisticated machine.

The ELA Awards are organized by the ELA (European Logistics Association) and are assisted for France by France Supply Chain, through a representative on the jury, Xavier Derycke, and a member of the ELA Board of Directors of which France Supply Chain is a founding member: Didier Granger.

This victory rewards once again the French Supply Chain subsidiary and its practices. It was the third time that France Supply Chain presented a file. The previous years, the projects had already reached the top 3 of the ranking, showing the great quality of the Kings of Supply Chain. The first step is now climbed: congratulations to Socamil/E.Leclerc + Witron!

A look back at the words of women in Supply Chain

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