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Supply Chain Monthly #05

Find this month : 

  • Training in supply chain auditing
  • To your feathers!
  • They share their warehouses
  • Learn how to control your supply chains.
  • Hydrogen will soon be on our roads 
  • What to expect in the coming months

Welcome to our new members, SANOFI and FORVIA having joined the association since our last newsletter!

Behind the scenes

In 1997, the members of ASLOG created their Supply Chain performance evaluation tool. The objective of this reference system is to measure in order to improve, which is why France Supply Chain proposes :

Learn how to master this unique tool and without equivalent in Europe thanks to a program given in France for 25 years by experts in supply chain audit.

The actors

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On display

April 25 marked the launch of the Warehouse Experts Community. The engagement of 32 participants helped clarify the purpose and next steps for this self-help group, including:

  • site visits;
  • the sharing of a good practice by Expert / Company at each meeting

The ETI / SME Program is a 6-month personalized support to teach you to master the keys and make your Supply Chain a competitive advantage.

These sheets illustrate how FSC members have made progress in mastering the fundamentals, whether it be supplier relationship management, warehouse automation and information gathering, service quality measurement or the organization of business forecasts.

What are the prospects for hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles for freight transport?

This conference introduces some of the European hydrogen truck projects currently being deployed or already running. It also addresses the strategic subject of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the role and aid of the State, institutions (ADEME, Europe) and financial partners and investment funds that can support companies investing in hydrogen mobility.

Watch the replay

The next sessions

Préventica Paris - Logistics, transport and supply chain: Focus on feedback on prevention

Launch of the Women in Supply Chain Community

LOGISMED - Omnichannelity at the heart of distribution logistics: trends and challenges

CO2 Meter Morning - How to go from an estimation of transport CO2 based on assumptions to a real measurement?

2 job offers or internships and more than 30 CVs of candidates are currently available on the site, HERE

Supply Chain Monthly #04

Find this month : 

  • A conductor for our projects 
  • Long live the preventionists
  • What are you waiting for to join them?  
  • New jobs for the Supply Chain
  • Controlling your CO2 meter
  • We are recruiting!
  • What to expect in the coming months

Welcome to the new members who joined the association since our last newsletter! O2 Trans, BJ Logistics, Baccarat, Catalydd Conseil and SANOFI have joined the association. A new training organization has also joined us, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

Behind the scenes

France Supply Chain : One year already... ! Passionate about Supply Chain for more than 30 years, I arrived at France Supply Chain last June, as PMO, to coordinate and pilot all the productions of our different Labs. I didn't see the time passing... The adventure is rich, exciting, and energizing! 

My first surprises: 

  • I thought I was the only one passionate about Supply Chain. Wrong: I found a lot of enthusiastic, committed, and expert Supply Chain people, in France and internationally. 
  • I thought I was a senior in Supply Chain...and well I found more senior, and also older... They will recognize themselves. Thank you for giving me thissecond youth.
  • I thought I was in a man's world...and I'm the only man on our permanent staff. Even if there is still a long way to go for women in our professions, it feels good to be at the heart of this change.
  • I thought that young people were not interested in Supply Chain, but they just don't know it...What a pleasure to work with our schools and universities to explain our jobs and train the new generation
  • I thought geeks didn't know anything about jobs. ChatGPT explained the opposite to me. 
  • I thought that our companies were all in a logic of profit and growth, I note with happiness that many of them work concretely for a greener Supply Chain, in the very short term

I could continue my list of discoveries... What I simply want to say is that I feel very privileged to work on our major Supply Chain issues of tomorrow, among experts from our 450 member companies. 

It is a real pleasure to be part of this great and beautiful community. Long live collective intelligence for a more efficient, more human and greener Supply Chain. 

JF Jean-François Rey, PMO of France Supply Chain (on the right in the 2nd plan with the Lab Digital team during a dinner on the banks of the Seine)

The actors

As part of the SupplyChain4Good Lab, the Rocher Group and FM Logistic have joined forces to produce a guide on ways to prevent arduousness in warehouses, through two of their employees: Benjamin Muller (Rocher Group) and Romain Chevallet (FM Logistic).

"This guide for everyone is the result of a successful collaboration between our two companies. Indeed, we were personally involved and greatly contributed to the realization of this guide by conducting a survey among thirty or so FSC member companies. Both of us are strongly committed to working in the same direction, namely the improvement of working conditions, and we have created a common dynamic through two key elements: commitment and sharing.  

Now, after this successful experience, we would both like to continue this collaboration by creating a community of preventionists in the logistics sector, in order to work together and find solutions to our common problems. Testimony of Benjamin Muller and Romain Chevallet collected on the occasion of the publication of the Toolbook of good practices

On display

What are you waiting for to join them? 

The Labs of France Supply Chain are carriers of a diversified expertise in Supply Chain management. At the heart of production, our members create and exchange concrete experiences and best practices.

On April 6, they organized a webinar to present their work and the benefits of joining the communities: informed exchanges, free benchmarks, presence of companies of all sizes and sectors, etc. It's not too late to discover our Labs!

Nearly 600 members have already downloaded this publication which outlines 4 new key professions for the future as well as recruitment trends. Discover the results of an original study on the human resources of tomorrow's Supply Chain.

CO2 measurement in freight transport

Freight transport is one of the levers for a low-carbon transition and the train is an efficient and fast solution, but it is not the only one. In this replay, which is the result of exchanges between shippers and freight forwarders over thelast 12 months within the SupplyChain4Good Lab, you will discover the factors on which to act and how to manage them.

Get involved in the Digital & Technologies Lab!

2 projects are being relaunched within the Lab:

  •  IOT & Blockchain with the ambition to jointly treat these 2 subjects taken separately until now. The first focus will naturally be on traceability.
  •  Cybersecurity of the Supply Chain, which will initially focus on theattack via third parties or thecrisis exercise.

Workshops will be organized during the year so that everyone can share their experience, questions and knowledge. The goal is to create a real place of constructive and beneficial exchanges for all at the frequency that suits you. Are you willing and interested? 

📧 Please contact Jean-François REY and Sébastien MARIE

The next sessions

Wind for Goods

Supply Chain Day - General Assembly 

6 job offers or internships and 10 candidates' CVs are currently available on the site, HERE

Supply Chain Monthly #03

Find this month : 

  • The Labs open their doors
  • Helping students in Supply Chain
  • The shippers' coalition embarks for Africa
  • Tools to help recruiters, managers and students
  • The keys to Blockchain technology
  • What to expect in the coming months

Welcome to the new members who joined the association since our last newsletter! Acolyt, Akanea, Carniato, Electricfil Service (EFI), Everysens, Institut Léonard de Vinci, Interlog Services, Logicités, Sysley and U Proximité have joined the association and we have a new partner in the field of digitization and workflow automation: Servicenow.

Behind the scenes

For several weeks, the leaders of the Labs and Communities of France Supply Chain have been working hard to prepare an exciting and friendly online meeting: " A moment of sharing with our Labs ". For this webinar, they will take you behind the scenes of their working groups to :

  • to make you discover what the members and the work of France Supply Chain can bring you;
  • share their personal experience by focusing on current projects;
  • to present you in a concrete way their functioning and their flagship achievements;
  • to help you understand how you can get involved, depending on your means.

This new format focuses on communities and the people who make them live.

Participate in the April 6 Webinar and prepare your questions!

The actors

The Lab Jeunes is now present and active on Instagram !

Our objectives? To create the first Supply Chain community on social networks, to allow you to make your friends and family discover this new and exciting sector with numerous professional opportunities. It is also to help you, advise you and allow you to find your way in this impacting sector. Today, little known and growing, it needs us, but also you for the future. The Instagram account is here to help you!

Various testimonies of professionals of the sector orstudents as well as advice of orientations or podcasts are on the menu, without forgetting the many other surprises which await you to understand the Supply Chain of tomorrow. Here is the place to exchange, testify, connect and innovate.

So don't hesitate any longer! If you are looking for a path, a training, or a job, we will be able to help you thanks to our different resources.

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The Class of 2023

On display

The Shippers' Coalition for Low Carbon Shipping is pursuing its actions in order to make a real energy transition in the supply chain and shipping. "There's wind everywhere on earth ", that's why after a successful call for tenders for the opening of two transatlantic routes, the SCLCMT is now studying new routes.

And to support us and spread our vision of a Sustainable Supply Chain, think of sharing and commenting their publications and subscribing to their new page LinkedIn

One of the missions of the HR Lab is to bring together the business world and the school world. This challenge is brilliantly met thanks to the increasing commitment of the members of France Supply Chain within company / training organization pairs. To date, we have the pleasure to accompany 33 active pairs. Only 4 places left to be filled, contact us

These powerful links between professionals and educational teams have also made it possible to create a new, even more detailed and qualitative edition of the SUPPLY CHAIN HIGHER EDUCATION GUIDE IN FRANCE. This panorama lists 141 general and specialized programs.

Discover this tool intended for recruiters, managers to guide them in the search for talent, but also for students looking for a curriculum.

Blockchain technology appeals to you, but you are still hesitating to get started? Through 2 Webinars, the Digital and Technologies Lab, in partnership with Wavestone, will present numerous business applications. Discover the projects carried out for the SNCF, Thales, Raynal and Roquelaure or the port of Marseille as well as their concrete results on traceability and synchronization of flows.

 Replay: How does the Blockchain fluidize all the actors of the Supply Chain?

In this second replay, our guests present in detail 2 applications of total traceability of upstream and downstream flows (ore, agricultural raw materials) with a focus on the security of information sharing and their auditability.

Replay: How blockchain opens the door to new use cases in the supply chain?

The next sessions

3 job offers or internships and 10 CVs of candidates are currently available on the site, HERE

Supply Chain Monthly #02

Find this month : 

  • The relationship between schools and companies with Françoise Lieuré
  • New leader of the Digital & Technologies Lab
  • Supporting companies in their supply chain transformation with our Lab ETI/PME
  • Recruiting Supply Chain talent
  • What to expect in the coming months

Behind the scenes

Last October, we welcomed Françoise Lieuré in the permanent team. In January 2023, she organized the coming of France Supply Chain at the Studyrama exhibition. We had a stand with the help of the members of the Lab Jeunes as well as a round table on the Supply Chain professions. 

" My missions are to create links between schools, research and training organizations and members in order to match the needs of companies to adapt the curricula. I am also in charge of promoting the Supply Chain sector among the younger generations in order to develop a pool of talent and skills for these jobs in tension. I ensure the relationship with the community of young people through the animation of the Lab Jeunes in connection with the Lab RH. " Françoise Lieuré, Project Manager for school-company relations

The actors

Over the 5 years that François Martin-Festa has been leading the Digital Lab of our association, the maturity of our members has continued to progress, driven by the continuous exchanges within the Lab: Basic maturity through data consolidation, tracking, ERP/TMS/WMS deployment or automation. Maturity of use cases such as performance and process analysis, extended supply chain visibility, CO2 and even the beginning of AI implementation.

An obvious fact was also highlighted by Covid: given the complexity of our businesses, we can no longer manage our Supply Chain with Excel files.

The good news is that digital solutions for Supply Chain have also gained in maturity. False promises, such as certain AI topics for example, are starting to be filtered out and robust use cases are better shared among us.

The downside is that resistance to change has never been so much of an obstacle to these projects. Education and support are therefore more than ever a central issue.

And what could be more effective than an active and united community to address it!

François and our president, Yann De Feraudy, have asked me to take over from François and to lead the Digital Lab. I will continue to lead the AI project directly because, as you know, I already have a strong commitment to AI and "ethical" AI outside France Supply Chain.

We will continue to build on the momentum of the Digital Lab and focus on the priorities defined by the Board at the end of 2022, such as strengthening our community

The next step will be to consolidate the use cases that have been developed by the various Lab Digital projects. I encourage you all to join us to share your experiences and contribute to this theme that has such an impact on all our businesses!

Arnaud De Moissac, CEO DCBrain

On display

"William Zanotti, member of the Lab ETI / PME, sums up the need to evaluate and solidify the level of maturity of all the links in the Supply Chain.

How to meet recruitment needs? This HR Lab round table, rich in lessons and ideas, is more relevant than ever

The next sessions

Supply Chain Day - General Assembly 

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