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Guide to higher education in supply chain in France - 2022-2023 Edition

This guide to higher education in Supply Chain aims to make the richness of the curriculum known to companies (Supply Chain management, human resources management, logistics management, etc.), but also to students and professionals who wish to move towards these professions or develop new skills.

Supply Chain Leaders who are transforming our companies in a sustainable way

In collaboration, FRANCE SUPPLY CHAIN and Korn Ferry publish a study on the key characteristics of Supply Chain leaders. Conducted with 16 Supply Chain professionals, and completed with Korn Ferry data, this study provides a reading of the characteristics of Supply Chain leadership. Each contributor has enriched this study with their years of experience, their vision, the specificities of their profession, and their...

Panorama of the players in logistics, transport and supply chain

For a long time, the general public has been unaware of the activities of Freight Transport and Logistics, a fortiori of the Supply Chain, considering that it is above all about stewardship, handling activities and road routing.

Trends and new supply chain jobs by MichaelPage

An essential lever for a more sustainable world, the Supply Chain is at the heart of business transformation. Driven by digitalisation, innovation and the need for a strong customer orientation, today's organisations must be resilient, agile and focused on the circular economy. These are new challenges that call for new professions. At a time when many professions are disappearing...

The 1st guide to supply chain training in France 2020-2021

Under the direction of Xavier DERYCKE, Supply Chain Europe Director of the REXEL Group, France Supply Chain by Aslog has built this guide in collaboration with numerous schools.

Supply Chain Human Resources Panorama 2020-2021

France Supply Chain by Aslog conducted a survey among its members during the summer of 2019 to understand and grasp the challenges of human resources management for supply chain and logistics.
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